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Life coaching to help you make better decisions

Our health and safety training can help you take better decisions to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. make workplaces safer by helping people make informed health and safety decisions.

Make better decisions and be protected

Some of the main sectors recording the highest number of fatalities every year are the construction, waste and recycling, and agricultural industries. Staars Scotland's life coaching helps individuals develop their decision making skills and save themselves from fatal injuries. Our health and safety training is devised to make individuals take better decisions in their workplace and prevent fatalities. 
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Industries with high work-based injury rates:

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Construction
  • Transportation and storage
  • Motor vehicle repair and personal goods
  • Mining and quarrying
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A unique approach to decision making skills

Our 25 years of experience in life coaching in Lanark and across Scotland, has helped us devise a unique approach towards decision making capabilities. We have 3 basic steps to help candidates decide better - "Decide, define and deliver". Our courses are designed with real life examples so that students can engage in active participation and benefit from the numerous practical opportunities provided.
Make better decisions. Save lives! Call Staars Scotland on
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