Decision Making training to assist people in Leadership roles

Leadership can be defined as "The willingness to lead and the ability to inspire- this is a personal quality which inspires others to follow"
Leaders who are poor decision makers will not demonstrate "the ability to inspire"
Leaders who are poor decision makers will not have "a personal quality that inspires others to follow"
STAARS Scotland focuses on the importance of decision making within leadership contexts and delivers it in a manner which is informative, educational and promotes group discussion and candidate participation from the outset.

Leadership training and Decision Making

Good leaders need to be good decision makers and it is quite common for individuals to find themselves having to make critical decisions without any real  formal training on the subject.
I have taught Leadership skills to Fire Officers for over 15 years and have designed  and delivered Leadership and decision making courses at a National level throughout the country.
At STAARS Scotland we ensure all leaders are taught our innovative 3 step process that can be used when making any decision. This will give them confidence in making decisions as well as act as a checklist to ensure the decision made is to the highest standard.

Our Leadership training can be delivered anywhere to meet the clients requirements

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