Decision Making

Decision Making training

People are now coming round to the fact that "human error", "errors of judgement", "accidents" and "mistakes" are all mainly as a result of bad decisions.
"Human error" or bad decisions within the US Healthcare Sector accounts for 251,000 deaths per year.
This is the third biggest killer in the US after heart disease and cancer.
There were 621,000 injuries to workers in the UK in 2015/2016.
Almost all these workers had received training and instruction on the work activity that they were injured in.
STAARS Scotland feels the current approach in classifying bad decisions as "human error" is not resulting in the reduction of these errors to a satisfactory level and if we continue to take this approach we will never really address the situation.
Human errors are caused by bad decisions.
STAARS' goal is to help people make better decisions to reduce human error, reduce injuries and reduce financial losses to companies.

Decision Making

At STAARS Scotland, we are confident that we can help people consistently make better decisions.
Training on all other skills helps improve performance and this has encouraged us to use the decision making experience we have accumulated to design and develop this course. 
Decision making is a skill like any other and STAARS are committed to training and developing people to the highest standard of decision making so they can use this skill in their working environment as well as in their private lives.
Please contact our team to find out how this course can further assist you and your business consistently make better decisions.

Decision Making  training can be tailored and delivered anywhere to meet the clients requirements

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