A unique approach to helping businesses and individuals consistently make better decisions 

Staars Scotland's courses are aimed at reducing workplace accidents and increasing your business profitability. Our courses can help your business enjoy long term prosperity by improving your workforce's decision making capabilities.

Better Decisions - Better Outcomes

Bad decisions lead to 75% of workplace accidents, leading to huge financial losses. In 2014 alone, UK companies suffered £3.6 bn in losses due to bad decision making.
Our three main goals - 'decide, define and deliver' help decision makers take appropriate decisions, avoid workplace accidents and prevent huge financial losses. We have been involved in the training sector for 25 years, and we have been training and designing courses at a national level for the fire services.
Someone recently asked "What if a company trains and develops their key staff to make better decisions and they decide to leave"?
My simple response to that is "What if a company decides not to train their key staff to make better decisions and they decide to stay"?
If you want to make the decision to find out more, please contact our team for more information.
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Innovative decision making courses

Our training courses are for proactive and forward thinking companies and individuals, who want to work with a workforce that is trained to make better decisions. The courses are delivered in an informative and interesting manner that makes use of numerous real-life examples and encourages candidate participation from the outset.
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Our services include:


Passion to influence and inspire

The key to adding value to companies and individuals whilst influencing their decision making capabilities is to have a passion for the subject. At Staars Scotland, Lanark, we not only have a passion to help people make better decisions in their workplace, but to also use the skills learnt in their private lives as well.

Choose from our range of courses that can be delivered throughout the World

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